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Genesis 75

Triple chamber window system for designing windows featuring increased thermal performance. The thermal parameters of Genesis 75 comply with the requirements that will become effective in 2021 (Uw exceeding 0.90)


  • the Genesis 75 system is based on 75 mm deep sections use to build frames.
  • Genesis 75 is a system intended for designing window structures in public access buildings as well as single-family and multi-unit residential buildings
  • a wide range of sections/profiles available in the offer of the Genesis 75 system is used to design modern windows, doors and display units that ensure high functionality
  • the Genesis 75 system incorporates modern insulation materials that have just been launched onto the market. Apart from a conventional central gasket, an additional thermal gasket has been developed as well. With this solution, it is possible to attain very excellent tightness of windows (air infiltration, water-tightness) as well as innovative appearance and aesthetics
  • the system will allow the customer to select various finish options for profiles so that the window structure can be customised
  • the Genesis 75 window system sets a new standard of window thermal performance, with the highest ergonomics of use and modern profile aesthetics maintained

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