FACTORY OF WINDOWS AND PVC DOORS LASTRIK (abbreviated FOID Lastrik) was created as a private enterprise by Stefan Zwierzchoniewski in 1969. Since then, he has been working continuously in the construction industry, all the time being run as a family business. It is one of the oldest private companies in the region. In 2019, we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of our business.

Intensive development of the Window and Door Factory

We combine long history and long-standing traditions with the constant opening to new experiences. That is why in 1995 we started the production of window and door PVC joinery in the German Schüeco International system.

Three years later, in 1998, we started the production of aluminum joinery in the Aluprof system. The following years brought the production of ironwork in the Aliplast system (2004), and from this year in Blyweert aluminum systems.

Every year, we note an increasing number of produced windows. We execute orders for both individual clients and for various business entities.

Along with the growing production, our percentage share in the PVC and aluminum joinery market is also growing, not only in the region, but also abroad.

From the beginning of our activity, we focus on quality, development and modernity. That is why we are constantly looking for innovative solutions in the field of production, we care for high-quality materials and constantly modernize our machine park. Our priority is the high quality and reliability of our products.

Our achievements

The path we take is the right one, and the confirmation of this, is the high rating of our products on all markets in Europe.

In our work we are constantly guided by the slogan that: “quality is free, and repairs and complaints cost”. As a result, in 2002, our woodwork went through ITB testing to obtain a Certificate of Conformity with Technical Approval (371/2002) to the Corona AS 60 system. We also took part in the “Good Window” initiative. It is a promotion of companies that particularly care about the quality of their products.

The year 2008 is another comprehensive examination of our CT 70 and SI 82 systems for compliance with the EU Harmonized Standard. After passing these tests, we obtained permission to label our products with the CE mark.

The above-mentioned activities have allowed us to take position among the few, in Poland, responsible producers who undertake even extremely technologically demanding tasks at home and abroad.

In recent years, we have introduced into production many innovative solutions that have not been used in Poland until now. All thanks to the development of our sales network to the countries of the European Community. We are an innovative company, and this means that we are constantly looking for innovative technological solutions.

Our main product is PVC window frames produced in 16 Schüeco subsystems. Open approach, constant search for technological innovations and their continuous testing, has been recognized by the Supreme Technical Organization. Our windows received the title of the Koszalin Product of the year.

We export PVC and Aluminium joinery to 11 European countries.

Lastrik in numbers

In 2008, export of products accounted for 48% of the total turnover of our company. A year later (2009), the share of exports in total sales increased by 78%, to reach over 87% in 2010. The year 2011 brought new surprises. The share of export in total sales reached over 90%, and currently it is at the level of 99.9%.

Cooperation with clients

Lastrik is perceived by business partners, customers and suppliers as a reliable and trustworthy company. The fact that many of them have been associated with us for years, and there is no indication that this business relationship would end, is a great confirmation. In dealing with our partners, we are guided by respect, understanding and mutual search for satisfying solutions. This attitude is the result of many years of experience in building a business partnership.

Guided by the principle of corporate social responsibility, the management of our company, deals not only with matters related to the company. He is also actively involved in charity. As far as possible, he supports various organizations, that provide help to those in need, and supports numerous charity initiatives.

Corporate social responsibility

Social activity carried out as part of economic self-government is not only charitable activity. It is also an important contribution of the management of our company in the economic development of Koszalin and the entire region. Mr. Robert Zwierzchoniewski was a long-term member of the Koszalin Chamber of Commerce and Industry Council and its Vice-President.