1969 – 1982

General construction activity, renovation, reconstructions, performance


Beginning of production of building materials under the name PPHU Lastrik


First contacts with suppliers of PVC profile systems

1995 January

Making the decision to start production of PVC joinery

1995 September

Launching the production of window frames in the Schuco System

1996 April

Start of production in the Plastmo system, first auction for public procurement

1996 May

Starting cooperation with GU

1997 December

Moving the factory to a new place on Slowianska Street

1999 March

Launching aluminum joinery production in the Metalplast Bielsko system

1999 September

The decision on exclusive production in the Schuco system


Launching production in the Corona AS 60 system with co-extruded gasket

2001 November (to March 2002 )

Reconstruction office and showroom of the company’s

2002 May

Obtaining a certificate for compliance with AT No. 371/2002

2002 August

Introduction of modern technology for welding perpendicular post

2002 September

Winning the largest auction in region the ZBM Koszalin (2,900 windows), the value of the contract 1.7 million PLN

2003 May

Granting the “Good Window” Certificate

2004 January

Beginning of the production of aluminum window and door joinery in the Aliplast system

2004 March

35 The company’s anniversary

2005 January

Introduction to the production of renovation and monoblock systems

2005 March

Introduction to the production of systems with a central handle – french windows

2005 July

The new owner of FOID Lastrik became Robert Zwierzchoniewski

2006 April

Signing a contract with PARP to finance the purchase of a modern window production line

2006 September

Installation of a modern automatic cleaning and welding line; increasing the factory’s production capacity by 50%

2007 January

Searching for new sales markets in European countries – expansion of the sales department

2007 February

Introduction to the production of HS systems at Schueco CT70

2007 March

Delivery of windows for a Norwegian client for the Arctic Circle to Tromso

2007 March

Introduction to the production of a five-chamber Foris-Plustec unleaded system

2007 May

Construction of a sales network in Northern France

2008 January

A new catalog (2nd extended edition) of FOID LASTRIK products in 4 language versions PL, FR, DE, EN has been created

2008 February

Introduction to the production the 6 chamber Schueco Si 82 system

2008 March

Building a sales network in Germany – signing trade agreements with regional representatives

2008 April

Machine investments: production of aluminum

2008 April

Purchase of a modern machine for automation of door production in GU, increase of production capacity in this segment by 100%

2008 June

Beginning of cooperation with the ROTO company – a supplier of construction fittings

2008 September-November

Beginning of cooperation with the ROTO company – a supplier of construction fittings

2008 December

Introduction to the production a new five-chamber renovation system Ct70-reno in relation with the needs of the French and Swiss market

2009 March

40th anniversary of the company’s founding

2009 June

Further expansion of the sales network on the French, Belgian, Swiss and Norwegian markets

2010 June - December

Implementation of WIN PRO, the most modern software for management of window and door joinery (PVC and aluminum)

2010 September

The 15th anniversary of the production of joinery

2010 November

Granting subsidies for the expansion of the enterprise (a new production line for the production of PVC joinery and new production facilities) under the EU Innovative Economy programs

2011 February

igning a contract for financing the purchase of a processing center for aluminum and steel profiles SBZ 140 from Elumatec, under the EU projects

2012 March

44th anniversary of establishing the company

2012 June

Beginning of the construction of a new company headquarters: a new PVC production hall with social and office facilities and a new welding and cleaning line from Elumatec

2014 April

completion of construction, start of production, moving to a new headquarters. Transfer of aluminum production to plant no. 1


Introduction to the production a new Nordik system dedicated to the Scandinavian markets

2016 March

Implementation of paperless production service

2016 May

Purchase of another Elumatec welding and cleaning line


Implementation of 17 kaizens as part of improving efficiency, ergonomics and time savings at production sites

2017 October

Purchase of another SBZ 609 from Elumatec


Further development of the European sales network – 99.9% of FOID Lastrik’s production is export

2019 March

50th Anniversary of the establishment of the company

2019 August

Certification of out fireproof and smokeproof products in ALIPLAST FR90 system

2019 September

Purchase of brand new and well featured trucks from DAF to offer complex service for our customers

2019 September

Implementation of a comprehensive system – INTELLIGENT HOME – Intelligent control system with computer, tablet or smartphone. In an intuitive way, you can fully control connected devices such as windows, gates, roller shutters, awnings, lighting, heating.

2019 September

Extension of the offer of decorative glass panels for entrance doors – Glass Line

2019 November

Beginning of new lift and slide system production – Shuco LivIng Slide system – highest energy-saving system

2020 October

Energy from the sun – For this purpose, we have installed Photovoltaic Panels. Thus, the energy obtained in this way is completely free from negative effects on the environment. About 40% of the electricity consumed comes from your own solar farm.

2021 September

Expanding the wide range of roller shutters with the new SN5000 model and introducing facade blinds in the ZF3000 system. Both models fit perfectly into modern house designs.

2022 April

Implementation of innovative plasma cutting technology. It allows faster and more precise holes in the reinforcing steel of doors and sliding doors.

2022 May

Expansion of the transport fleet, brand new and well-equipped DAF cars

2022 May

Expanding the offer of Aluminum products with the Pergola NUUN Premium system. Modular structure provides the opportunity to implement the most daring projects, making your pergola on the terrace will be functional, elegant and, most importantly, matched to individual needs.