Comme certains de nos fournisseurs ne disposent pas de matériels publicitires en français, nous vous les proposons en version anglaise.

TP1000K with mosquito nets

TP1000K is a system that can be installed on broad window frames, even up to 188 mm (with a broadening up to 250 mm). Using an expanding element we increase the depth of the box by 31 mm or 62 mm. This system has the capability of creating a revision cover from the bottom (with an installation box from the inside), or the front (during the installation on a wide window frame). The possible service is both manual – with the use of a belt – and electric – with the use of a switch or a remote control. The version with a mosquito net protects the room effectively against the access of insects, as well as any kinds of pollen, leaves and dirt. At the same time it does not limit access to air and daylight.



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