For the production of PVC joinery and aluminum joinery, we use high quality fittings from the Roto group and GU. They specialize in the production of:
• envelope fittings;
• locks;
• hinges;
• door handles,
Specialist fittings (including: arched, trapezoidal, sliding, tilt and slide doors and others);
• self-closing devices;
• BKS door inserts;
• door machines
• fittings for anti-Spanish doors
• machines for lift and slide doors type HS

The Roto and GU range fittings have been equipped with a special, ecological anti-corrosion coating.

An additional advantage of the fittings is their equipping with a system of unsealing, or micro-ventilation. Thanks to this, the room does not accumulate excess moisture and there is a constant circulation of fresh air without excessive heat loss.

Fittings also have a blockade against improper use, which prevents the wing from falling out – this is particularly important when children are also in the building. A huge advantage is also a gradable tilt, which allows you to control the window opening level.

The hinges are equipped with three-dimensional adjustment systems. This solution means that the windows can be adjusted even after many years of service.

Single and composite glass

Composite glass and single glass, single-chamber and two-chamber glass are ordered at the Presglass company from Tczew. It is a proven and reliable company that realizes orders in a timely manner, comprehensively, guaranteeing high quality in the entire product offer it has.

Other products that complement our offer

1. Internal and external sills.
We offer window sills made of extremely durable and durable material, which is a conglomerate. They are available in a variety of colors, which allows them to fit virtually any interior.

Our offer is completed with window sills from MDF, which are painted in any color chosen by the customer.

We have PVC windowsills, which we cover according to the customer’s order – in this way they are color-coordinated to the installed joinery.

The tin and aluminum window sills offered by us are powder coated, which guarantees the durability of the color. In terms of color, we have a RAL palette. Window sills can also be coated.

2. We offer PVC and aluminum door panels from well-known Polish manufacturers.

3. For individual customers and entrepreneurs, we can propose an extension of our offer to garage gates manufactured by Hormann.

4. The complement is internal window roller-blinds and internal blinds. We obtain them from local producers. They are available in a variety of designs and colors – to meet the diverse requirements and expectations of recipients.


Consulting and design

Professional advice, which we offer already at the stage of carpentry design, is our way to build a lasting and satisfying relationship with the client. Experienced salespeople gathered in the Sales Department and engineers from Production Preparation have the appropriate qualifications and competences to lead each client. Both, the one who is a professional, and the one, who first time wants to buy windows and doors to his home.

While learning the needs of our client, we take into account all the expectations that the solution we offer should meet. We take into account the functionality, aesthetics, usability and costs. Based on these parameters, we select the best solution among all available.
Thanks to this, everyone receives a proposal adjusted to their needs.
Such substantive support is offered by our company free of charge.

Valuations and calculations

The woodwork valuation is carried out immediately. In its preparation, we rely on the expectations of customers and the circumstances accompanying the order we have undertaken. We take into account the costs of our basic products, and if there are such expectations, also additional costs. It is a question of transport, assembly or complementary products, which are available from us thanks to cooperation with our long-term business partners.


The assembly of window and door woodwork prepared by us is performed by experienced specialists. All professionals have many years of practice behind us, also in our company. In assembly, we follow the instructions both system and factory. This is a guarantee of the efficiency of the workmanship, its quality and durability of windows and doors installed by us.

Warranty and post-warranty service

Many years of experience have shown us that even the most precise assembly and maintenance instructions can not replace the visit of a qualified specialist. That is why, as a part of the after-sales support, we recommend a visit by a technician who will check how the joinery we have installed works. We offer a 5-year warranty on the systems we install – thanks to this our clients receive support, assistance, advice and possible repairs. Our warranty service works not only in the event of damage or malfunction. We also help to adjust windows, maintain fittings and inform you how the other products that we share operate.
As a part of the service, we arrange a meeting, evaluate the situation and perform the necessary work.