We offer blinds only from Portos company. Cooperation with this manufacturer is a quality guarantee. Many years on the market and reliable products have placed him in the position of a leader in the industry.
Blinds available in our offer are great designed, multi colorful and, above all, energy-saving solutions. Such diversity means that we can adapt the product to the expectations of practically every client, combining the aesthetic, functional and building possibilities, in which the blinds are to be installed.

The external blinds offered by us can be installed at any moment during the existence of the building, because they are mounted on the facade.

We have a large selection of boxes, profiles and colors – everyone can have a blind suitable for individual needs.

The advantages of the blinds we offer:
• they provide effective thermal insulation;
• they provide protection against interference of uninvited guests;
• they protect against excessive sunlight;
• they protect against excessive heating.

All our external blinds are available in the version with a mosquito net. Its presence, especially in summer, is appreciated by all our clients.

Responding to the diverse needs of our customers, we provide various control mechanisms for blinds. These are:

• manual control – tape reel or cable;
• gearbox or crank;
• crank mechanism;
• lifting mechanism based on a spring;
• wire motor with switch;
• radio engine with remote control.

To strengthen the protective function of shutters, we offer various security features:

• espagnolette lock in the bottom strip;
• automatic bolt;
• bolts in the bottom bar;
• locking hanger (blinds with motor).

The second group of blinds, which are available in our offer, are stand-up blinds, also called roller-blinds or overlapped blinds. Their assembly is possible only at the building construction stage or during the complete replacement of window frames in existing buildings.

This is due to the fact that the roller shutter cassette is mounted on the window or door frame.

The installation consists of mounting the roller blind guides to the window frame. The whole is embedded in the window recess. This solution allows you to hide the blind cassette, which is completely invisible. The roller shutter itself seems to be an element of the window.

In addition, we suggest integrating such a blind with a mosquito net. This is possible in the Interlux system.

The first spring and the first summer will certainly convince the user that it was a good decision.

See what we have to offer: