50th anniversary

On the 50th anniversary of the company’s establishment, we present you the news we initiate in the near future:

1. We have been putting the Aluron system into production and expanding the Blyweert system range in March 2019,
2. We have been putting the Schueco LIVING system to production in April 2019,
3. We have carried out fire tests and soon we will receive a certificate for door joinery in the Aliplast system in April 2019,
4. We develop our own transport – June 2019,
5. We increase employment in sales departments to further facilitate the contact with us and waiting time for valuation reduce to a minimum,
6. We change the image of the website, we introduce chat to even faster contact with us from April this year,
7. We are planning for June fire tests of PVC joinery in the living Schueco system level RC3.

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