We focus on the public institutions, like local self-government bodies, public health service units, schools and universities which we serve on open tender basis. A comprehensive reference list is presented as a proof of our efficiency and ability to execute even biggest and most difficult orders.

Most important building contractors and developers are included in our customers portfolio. With some, like the ones listed below, our cooperation has lasted for years now: PPH Selfa, BAN- BUD, Infrabud , KPBP Przemysłówka.

Importers from the EU countries, especially Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, Denmark and Switzerland.

Private investors served via authorized POS and dealers in other regions of Poland. Development of the enterprise in multiple directions: modern machinery, well educated and trained personnel, utmost care about quality and guarantee and after sales service count for our consistent growth. Experienced employees in the production and sales can cope with most demanding tasks while their high competence and professional handling project well into the future. At present, FOID LASTRIK counts 50 employees, including 5 engineers and 5 qualified technicians.

We are regarded by our long term partners as well as suppliers as a reliable and trusftull partner. Through the years of trade relations, we have worked out respect and understanding of the mutual interest. While business oriented, our management is involved in local charity activities supporting various non-profit organizations bringing help to the ones who need it. We see our social work within the local self-government body as our contribution to the development of Koszalin and its region.


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Our production, our project team shown on moving pictures. Meet us up close, see how we work.

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