For our pvc and aluminium windows and doors we use excellent fittings from Roto and GU group (Gretsch-Unitas) which specializes in the production of all kind of window and door hardware needed. Fittings with silver ecologic coat ferGUard which is obtained by the propriatory process guarantee highest degree of anticorrosion protection. In practical use, it means considerably better resistance to water, salt and chemicals. The coat is free from organic compounds and heavy metals. The new ferGUard coat is environment friendly, a feature that is of importance these days. The fittings withstand 560 hours of saturated brine solution test and, in respect of resistance to corrosion, they remarkably stand out from the competitors As standard, the fittings feature unsealing (microventilation) mechanism in the tilt-turn sash, protection against improper operation (wing falling out) as well as multi-step tilt. The fitting hinges have mechanisms permitting adjustment in three planes which can be of advantage in case of need for adjustment after many years of use. In our offer, we have full assortment of the fittings and hardware offered by the Roto and GU (GU-BKS-Ferco) group.

Since the beginning, FOID Lastrik has used two suppliers of building glass: Glaspol Szczecin (Saint-Gobain Group) and IGP Bydgoszcz (International Glass Poland Group). Both sources supply full range of products of highest quality.

The following products complete our offer:

  1. Sills, outdoor and indoor:
    • made of composites in various colours,
    • zof MDF boards lacquered in optional colours,
    • pvc with decorative film coating to match the appearance to the windows or doors installed,
    • steel and aluminium sheets powder lacquer coated in a range of RAL colours respectively coated with decorative film.
  2. Roller blinds from Portos, the leading Polish supplier of reliable quality and established reputation on the market.
  3. Garage doors from BIG-TOR complete our offer for private and corporate customers.
  4. Indoor roller blinds and shutters supplied by local makers of proven quality, variety of colours and design.


Customer satisfaction starts with a professional advisory help on the design stage. Experienced sales and production engineers can successfully guide an unexperienced and uncertain customer to the optimal solution: modern, attractive and economically acceptable. Many a time, the original ideas of our customers get completely modified after the advice obtained from our employees, by following possibilities offered by our systems as well as expectations regarding the aesthetic, functionality and durability of the proposed solutions. The advisory and design service we offer is free of charge.

After all details have been agreed with the customer, our representative will prepare a total cost estimation, including transportation, assembly and accessories like sills, blinds or garage doors in the shortest time possible.

Professional fitter teams, having years of experience in the profession and working several years with our company, provide the assurance that the service provided will be of highest quality and efficiency. Authorized fitters, installing windows in houses, apartments, schools or hospitals, strictly follow the system and factory assembly instructions.

From years long experience we know that, even the best assembly instructions available will not supersede a visit of our service supervisor to check the functioning of your windows and doors. FOID Lastrik offers 5-year long guarantee coverage for its products. We also offer assistance when the guarantee period has passed. Shall you have problems with functioning or adjustment of your window, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our service team will visit you on a previously agreed date to have a look, adjust if necessary, lubricate or repair your window.