• 6 - Chambers
  • U = 1,11
  • 3 - Gaskets



Corona SI 82: the innovative PVC-U system for economical low energy construction.
Corona SI 82 window systems have three levels of drainage and conventional steel reinforcing profiles. Thanks to industrial fabrication and fast availability, they can now be used to build low-energy windows for houses economically and to a high standard. Corona SI 82 window systems or window doors are suitable for a wide variety of uses in both new-build and renovation projects. An extensive range of accessories ensures a high level of system security.

Corona SI 82: key features:

  • Profile depth of 82 / 94 mm
  • Narrow face width of 120 mm
  • Increased basic depth for more security and protection against break-in
  • Vent geometry with quarter-rebated, half-rounded vent appearance
  • 6-chamber profile system with excellent insulation properties
  • Three drainage levels for optimum protection against wind, rain and noise
  • Silver-grey gaskets on white profiles for discreet appearance
  • Softform design for the highest level of harmony in design
  • Uw values up to 0.9 W/(m?K) – depending on profile combination and glazing
  • Compared with standard windows, 30% more glass surfaces (light) when building with Corona SI 82 with the same level of thermal insulation

Corona SI82 – colour range:
Integration with the Corona colour range means that you can select from a repertoire of over 20 woodgrains and single colours, laminated on one side or on both sides for maximum design flexibility